Ceiling fans are a great feature to have in any room.  They can help keep your home cool and they usually add to the aesthetics of a room. Now, I am typically in and out of several dozen homes every week and the one thing I notice more often than not, are dirty ceiling fans.  Most people never clean them regularly, and many don’t even know they need to be cleaned.  But like any other appliance in your home, they can collect dust and grime and over time, this can lead to premature wear and replacement.  The good news is that cleaning a ceiling fan takes only a few minutes.  You just need three items.

  1. A ladder
  2. A damp rag
  3. A pillow case

Now that you are armed and ready, let’s get to it!  First, it’s always a good idea to have someone hold the ladder or at least be nearby in case of a fall.  Climb the ladder until you can reach the blades without overextending yourself.  Take the pillow case and put it around one of the blades.  Pull the pillow case towards you while wiping the blade and all that dust and gunk will fall into the pillow case.  Turn the fan and repeat this on each of the blades.  Once you have finished, grab a damp rag and wipe down the blade.  If the fan is in the kitchen or it’s especially grungy, you might need to use your household cleaner of choice to get it really clean.  Take the pillow case outside and shake it out then throw it in the laundry.  This is such a simple cleaning task and you really only need to do it a couple times a year if you don’t use your fans that often.  If you use them regularly throughout the year, or you have pets, you should probably try to do it every few months.

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