How will the market respond to my home?

In a perfect world, when your Realtor sticks a sign in your yard, you would have buyers running up to see your home.  But what if buyers don’t run to the front door the minute a home comes on the market, or the features and updates that you thought buyers would absolutely love simply get a lukewarm “that’s nice” reaction?  What if a buyer isn’t willing to pay top dollar for the blood, sweat and money that you have  put into the house over the years?  These are things that you, as a home seller, need be prepared for.

Selling too low

Just like buyers fear paying too much, sellers often worry over whether they could have gotten a higher price after they accept an offer.  This is particularly true when a home sells within the first few days after hitting the market.  It’s a very valid concern, but look at it this way, you hired your Realtor to sell your house and that’s exactly what they did.  When a house sells quickly, it’s most likely because the home was priced right, but sellers will have lingering thoughts about “what if” they could have asked for more.

Why haven’t we received an offer?

How many showings will it take to get an offer? Some homes see a lot of foot traffic and then silence. In addition to offers that are much lower than anticipated, this can be a major fear for many sellers.  Assuming you have properly prepped and staged the home for sale and it is priced within range, it can sometimes be difficult to compete if there are a lot of other options on the market that buyers are considering. Selling a home is a stressful experience, as it can feel like sellers aren’t always in control. That’s why proactive (rather than reactive) agents well-versed in handling listings can be a huge asset.

What will the buyer’s inspection find?

Shh…don’t tell anyone, but inspections are just something that worries sellers. Both listing agents and buyers will be anxiously awaiting the results of the inspection to know what, if any obstacles will be needed to overcome to get the deal to the closing table.  Whether you are selling your first or fifth home, having a slew of inspectors crawling around a home looking for problems can be scary. Even if the you have taken meticulous care of your home over the years, know that inspectors always seem to find something.  That fear of the unknown can be nerve-wracking for all the parties involved.

What if the buyer can’t move forward?

You accepted an offer and the inspection came back with very few if any issues, so everything is great right?  As exciting as it can be to work out an accepted offer and clean inspection, there are still issues that can derail the deal.  Many sellers fear that once their home is under contract, something will arise, a job loss or financing troubles. that will prevent a buyer from being able to close.  In most cases, sellers are already in the process of purchasing another property, planning or packing up. The stress of a potential domino effect can be overwhelming.  A good listing agent expects and heads off potential problems before they become major issues.

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